Explore a small sampling below of what becomes possible when brands embrace immersive mediums.


Beefeater XO VR

Made by The Visory Partner: Future Lighthouse

With a $400,000 production value, this VR Campaign for Beefeater and the influential chef Dabiz Muñoz involved representing a visceral journey inside the mind of Chef Muñoz that successfully captured the essence of three new cocktails he created especially for the experience. The project was deployed as a mobile app that can downloaded from: iTunes Store or Google Play.

India/Pakistan Cricket VR

Made by The Visory Partner: Meraki

For the first time in the world, the thrill of an unprecedented cricket between two major rivals match was made available through virtual reality. The experience enabled viewers to see the match and the stadium from entirely new perspectives, such as the center of the pitch, inside the dugouts, and much more, all capturing the thrill of this groundbreaking event.

Fly Emirates VR

Made by The Visory Partner: Future Lighthouse

How does the most luxurious commercial airline effectively convey its wide range of services both on and off the aircraft with its elite clientele? Why, with a legendary VR experience, of course. This piece not only involved shooting many facets of the Emirates First Class experience, but also creating an experiential journey through the desert where viewers meet some interesting characters... 

Shopping Mall Thrill Ride!

Made by The Visory Partner: Codemodeon

This on-site activation was designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a famous Istanbul Shopping Mall. A thrilling roller coaster ride was designed and developed to take place (virtually) within the mall's cavernous center atrium. Mall visitors enjoyed the virtual experience and were given commemorative photos to share on social media, just like a real coaster!

Viva 4G 360º Video Ad

Made by The Visory Partner: Virtual 360º

A 360º Video Ad was developed for Viva 4G, a South American mobile carrier. Not only was the spot shot in 360º video, but the room had projection-mapped entertainment-inspired concepts surrounding the viewer and the protagonists in the scene, illustrating just how exciting service from Viva 4G is. The entire piece was orchestrated and captured in a single shot.